overview of the geurs methodology

The GEURS is an indepent survey produced and commissioned annually by Emerging. It is conducted by a distinct specialised consulting and polling institute.

GEURS is the only TOP 250 University ranking exclusively based on employers direct assessment. 

A survey

Employer insights

Employers worldwide share their knowledge on the challenges of future training and their expectations of Higher Education.

Participating corporate managers are carefully screened and selected.

The voting process

Employers rate the employability performance of a list of more than 1000 universities worldwide. 100% qualified managers have up to 10 votes each. Employer opinion and insights collected throughout the survey play a pivotal role in shaping the ranking, complementing a robust 35-criteria framework developed in collaboration with experts and employability leaders.

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University Selection

Listed in the yearly GEURS ranking of TOP 250 universities for employability are the institutions with the highest overall number of votes


Once chosen, the performances of the institutions of Higher Education are justified by the voters, who are asked to apply a maximum of 6 criteria out of 35 suggested categories.

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geurs key facts

13 years of data

GEURS is the leading barometer of graduate employability. Conducted every year since 2010, GEURS compiles 13 years of data on Higher Education and worldwide graduate employment.

100% qualified managers

100% of our survey respondents are top operational managers who work with and/or recruit more than five young graduates per year.

8 million recruitments

We've collected the feedback from managers who are responsible for no less than eight million recruitments worldwide.

40 countries

We've scanned 40 countries from all continents regarding market expectations toward graduates and employability performance.

5 million evaluations

We have collected over 5 million ratings of universities, covering over 6000 institutions worldwide which have been assessed by employers.

6,000 institutions covered

The GEURS survey has covered 6,000 institutions spanning all continents. Every year GEURS pays attention to new entrants in the TOP 250.

highlights of geurs 2024 13th edition

our survey partners


Pollup provides a range of AI-powered solutions and advanced services for the digital collecting, analyzing and leveraging of customer data. Pollup's founders have over three decades of combined experience in the realm of data technologies and audience analysis. Through Pollup, they help businesses gain a customer-centric perspective and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape thanks to strong customer relationships.

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Trendence Institute GmbH is an independent consulting and market research company, standing for data-driven employer branding and recruitment for 24 years. It has conducted the annual survey for the Global Employability University Ranking and Survey since 2010.

Trendence knows the career plans and preferred employers of applicants, and helps employers understand the needs of their target group.

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