about employability

Employability has become an important metric for universities worldwide. The definition is in constant evolution and increasingly driven by new aspects that go beyond the traditional components like salaries and time-to-market.

Indicators such as digitalization, specialization or soft skills are gaining in importance and drive the performance of all the 250 universities in our ranking. 

The ranking: 11th edition

The GEURS is a unique source of information guiding professionals in Higher Education, students and companies alike. The survey provides powerful data and insights as to the strategies that could be put in place to meet the challenges of graduate training. The GEURS ranking gives a picture of the decisive factors — the drivers — behind the recruiters’ choice of best universities.

“Employability is a work in progress, adaptability is essential : 82% of employers believe that cooperation between institutions of higher education and companies is necessary to create future-ready graduates.”

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