As you decide where and what to study, employability is more than ever a critical factor of your decision-making process. You need to trust that it will prepare you to successfully face the ongoing shifts in the work-place, now and throughout your career.

At Emerging, we consider that the most valuable information on graduates employability comes from the corporate market itself. For 11 years now we’ve been working with thousands of top international employers who represent 2 million recruitments in 32 countries, to collect their direct up-to-dates insights and build up GEURS.


The Global Employability University Ranking and Survey (GEURS), enables you to define your personal path into the realm of graduate studies.  It provides you with a list of 250 Best International Universities ranked by employers. And at its core is a qualitative survey which shows the decisive factors — the drivers —behind the employer’s selection of universities.

To help you even more: you can use the GEURS grid of DRIVERS to evaluate any other institution of higher education you might be interested in!

“Employability is constantly being re-defined. The most valuable information on this subject comes from the corporate market. The GEURS ranking and survey insights help you shape your personal path into the realm of graduate studies.”