Graduate Skills

graduate skills, the confirmed #1 employability driver

In 2022 we observe a consolidation in what employers perceive as the leading drivers of employability for graduate positions. Whereas pre-Covid, academic excellence and focus on work expertise were seen as the most important factor, this has now shifted to being skills-led, with graduate skills  now ranked first.

graduate skills explained

What are Graduate Skills?

Graduate Skills include the digital skills and soft skills of graduates.

the importance of Digital Skills

Digital Skills are defined as the ability to find, evaluate, use, share and create content using digital devices of all kind. It has become an essential if not the most sought after aspect of the full set of Graduate Skills.

92% of employers believe that universities should do more to increase the digital skills of their graduates, as any job increasingly requires the full mastery of digital tools. The required soft skills include collaboration, adaptability, creativity and data literacy. Employers consider that these graduate skills are a necessity upon entering the job market and essential for the adaptability of graduates to future work. Employers believe that universities must train graduates with such a transversal approach.

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