The Drivers of Employability

understanding and using the drivers of employability performance

Employability is constantly redefined. It is increasingly driven by a variety of aspects replacing traditional indicators such as salary or time-to-market. With over 1 million university reviews by employers across years, geographies and industries we introduced a driver concept which allows us to analyse the employer’s statements in our survey, then the motives behind each vote in the university ranking.

This is a flexible framework of employability drivers which can adapt to a changing environment. It sets a global standard to measure AND manage your strategic decisions for employability. It serves students facing important career decisions, but also universities who need to create the most attractive and performing learning environment for their graduates who will join the corporate sector in the near future.

key drivers of employability

The 6 Key Drivers of Employability Performance are the ones employers consider the most when it comes to judging the quality of a university.

drivers of employability 2019 - 2021

In 2021 we see a big shift in the priority given to certain drivers. Academic performance is no longer perceived as the key driver of employability.
'Graduate skills', constituted of important items such as soft skills, has taken the lead. Employers have also identified a new driver 'Digital Performance' which is increasingly a determining factor in Higher Education.

drivers of employability ranked

Employers rank the 6 KEY DRIVERS differently for universities ranked 21 to 200 in the GEURS 2021 Ranking. Universities ranked 21 to 200 are more sought after for their specialization.

brand performance indicators

The 6 key drivers of employability performance can be broken down into 24 specific, measurable action items universities can work on.