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At Emerging, the HR consultancy which specializes in optimizing recruitment and integrating young talents, we have for 11 years tracked the evolution of the international corporate market and its expectations on graduate’s skills. We've asked your fellow top international managers about their recruitment of skilled graduates, on what drives their selection of best universities worldwide and how universities may adapt their training methods.

The ranking: 11th edition

With the disruptive trends in the future of jobs and a fierce talent search, The Global Employability University Ranking and Survey (GEURS) is a very powerful source of data and insights to guide your strategies. It presents you with a list of the best 250 universities worldwide for graduate’s employability, ranked by your peers. It allows you to benchmark your competitors worldwide on the topic of graduate recruitment and enables you to monitor best practises to collaborate with universities.

“The GEURS ranking & survey is a unique tool which helps you shape and keep tabs on your pool of talents.”

Emerging is an HR consultancy specialized in the relations between corporate companies and institutions of Higher Education, and focused on optimizing recruitment and the integration of young talents.
Emerging produces the Global Employability University Ranking since 2010.

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